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Reasons for returns:

These are the causes for returning products:

Transport damage:

We pack and prepare our orders very carefully, however it is possible that damages or flaws can occur during transport

Sometimes these damages can be visible externally, that is, at the moment of the delivery by the transport agency, if you observe that the package is not in a good state, we recommend you that you note the anomaly on the delivery note. Once open, if you notice that the articles have been damaged, please tell us as soon as possible by any mean found in the "contact" session. We will have it into account and we will give you the instructions to proceed to the return in less than 24 hours in order to solve it as soon as possible.

Important: you must keep the original package as you received it and tell us about the incidence before seven days after the reception of the order.

Purchase withdrawal:

As a client of Hepoluz S.L. you have the right of purchase withdrawal. You have 14 calendar days from the reception of the order to exercise this right. You must contact us by any of the means showned in the "contact" section and you tell you the steps to proceed to the return of the product.

In the case of returns of articles from purchase withdrawals, the client will be responsible of the transport costs.

The acceptance of the return will be subjected to the revision of the article by the technical department of Hepoluz S.L. Likewise, to accept the return, the article must not show signs of use, damage or manipulation. The articles must be in their original package with all the documents enclosed and all the original pieces and accessories.

The purchase withdrawal does not include the return of the commissions payed by selecting Paypal as the payment option.

If after opening the package or using the article you witness that it does not function properly you have 14 working days from the reception of the order to request the return. Contact us by any of the means available in the "contact" section and we will give you the instructions to proceed.

The acceptance of the return will be subjected to the revision of the article by the technical department of Hepoluz S.L.

Procedure of returning

After contacting our customer service, we will pick up the package at your adress. Once we have it, we will check the article and proceed to do the corresponding payment in case everything is right, if there is any incidence we will contact you to inform you about it

If you detect any incidence that implies any return or reimbursement, it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible, with your help we can speed up the process to the maximum.

It is very important that you secure your return, any defect on the article during the transport will impede the return, we recommend you that you use a suitable package which can guarantee the safety of your package.

In the case of returns that imply a payment by us, it will be done in the same way in which you did the payment in the first place


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